Great Iowa City Dining Destinations.

Iowa may not spring immediately to mind as a dining destination – however both locals and visitors would be missing a large part of the Iowa City experience if they didn’t explore the menus of this destination.

Put simply Iowa City offers a variety of dining experiences – ranging from the simple (yet delicious) to some excellent opportunities to enjoy fine dining.

Here are some fantastic choices that should be in the bucket list of those who want to enjoy Iowa City to the fullest.

1. Short’s Burger and Shine.

The clientele at Short’s is primarily made up of Iowa University students. It’s now surprise seeing as the institution is just across the road. But don’t be fooled. The burgers here are world class. Angus Beef is a favorite – but the chicken sandwiches are well worth a look. Fabulous prices make the venue even more attractive.

2. Backpocket Brewing.

For those in search of a great beer based ding experience a visit to Backpocket Brewing can be more highly recommended. Their in house brews are absolutely delicious. For one of the best combo experience try the Beer and Cheese combo plate. Fabulous pizza and some great views form the patio make any experience even that little bit more special.

3. Atlas World Grill.

Awards are one thing – and Atlas has many of them. But what sets this dining destination apart from other restaurants is the sheer inventiveness of the seasonal specials. there of course the standard offerings of creamy mac and cheese or the lovely chicken burrito – but those who keep returning do so for dishes like the ‘Elk in Bearnaise sauce’ which makes an appearance every now and then.

4. Orchard Green.

Fine dining is the name of the game at this restaurant. The fusion between the cooking styles that characterize America and Mediterranean dishes is a delight to enjoy.

The correct word to describe the dining experience is ‘elegant.’n The flavors are subtle – yet bold. Offerings like the Boards with artisan cheese, the smoked fish or the Charcuterie are delightful.

Even the escargot is a cut above the normal featuring Shiitake mushrooms and a veal jus. The Filet Mignon and the braised duck are two dishes that should not be missed.

Iowa City has some extremely interesting dining choices. Set aside some time to spend an evening (or lunch) at a table at one of the dining destinations – you will not be sorry that you did.