Florida House Speaker has Open Mind About Gambling

Many states cannot make up their minds about the gambling industry, and Florida is no exception.

House Speaker Dean Cannon has been apprehensive about bringing gambling to Florida, although he claims to have an open mind about the whole decision.

The article I was reading on Bing brought up many different points, but in my eyes it all boils down to one thing: Money. The gambling industry brings along with it jobs, taxes, entertainment, and doesn't Florida love tourists? It just seems like a natural transition in my eyes.

Cannon is not in agreeance with the bill proposed because it does not have definite guidelines and restrictions involving gambling he wants to see happen in his state. Although Senate president Mike Haridopolos is trying to get destination gambling resorts passed through legislation. 

It is rumored that a major gaming company has downtown Miami all mapped out and ready to go.

Many states model after what Washington D.C. is doing, and they have also been legging on the subject. The District was supposed to approve just for fun poker, bingo and fantasy sports games by July, and start wagering by September, and that clearly hasn't happened yet.

These states will make up their mind soon, I read in the news almost every day about a state inching closer and closer, it's just a matter of time. Not only will we all be able to walk into a casino and play whichever game we'd like, but we'll also be able to get on our computer and play blackjack, poker, and even free slot machine games.

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