Roulette Probability

If you want to win money at an online casino roulette is a great place to start. This game involves a lot of chance but if you know what you're doing, along with know the proper bets to place then you could really come out on top.

As you know there are two different types of wheels in roulette. There is the American wheel that has a double zero, and the European wheel that lacks the double zero, but has a single zero. Wikipedia helps you sort through all of the differences too. The European wheel is usually hard to find in just any casino, so if you are looking for that variety it is best to look online. I love gambling online, I definitely prefer it to an actual brick and mortar casino.

I'm going to go over some roulette probability for you, and I will be sure to include the figures for both types of wheels.

By far the most popular bet in roulette is the single number bet. It carries a 2.7% probability in the European and a 2.63% on the American. This is the most popular and best payout, but it also the worst odds.

The second most popular bet is the split bet with a 5.41% edge with the European and 5.26% with the American wheel.

Now that you know the worst probability bets, let's go over some of the best.

The outside bet carries the best odds with a 48.65% chance of winning on the European wheel, and a 47.37% chance of winning on the American.

I also like to play blackjack online there is a little more skill involved with that game. I will go over some blackjack strategy soon.

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