What Not to do in Blackjack

You can go to any blackjack strategy website and they will all tell you what to do in every situation, well I am here to tell you what not to do.

Don't forget that blackjack is a simple game. The simplicity of the game paired with your gut instincts could prove to be very beneficial to your strategy. Don't over complicate things with abstract thinking, and advanced theories.

Don't model your moves after the dealer. The dealer is there to do one thing and one thing only: beat you. Modeling your plays after the dealer will prove to be less than beneficial for you seeing as they are making all of their moves based on what the casino is telling them to do.

Don't use insurance; unless you count cards. Using insurance is basically throwing your money away if you have no perfected the art of counting cards.

Don't forget you can surrender. Games that allow surrender are quite rare because it greatly reduces the house edge; but if you have the option use it, especially in the following scenario: Your total is fifteen or sixteen and you are holding a nine or ten, and the dealer has a nine or ten. Always surrender this hand.

And finally, don't play at a table where you don't know the rules. Every blackjack table has its own set of rules and regulations. It sounds silly, but this is a common mistake many players make.

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