What’s the Difference Between Keno and Bingo

While visiting my sister in Washington D.C. I noticed a lot of people playing this bingo-like game in almost all carry-outs and delis. I asked my sister about it and she told me it was just like bingo, but it was called Keno.

I was not satisfied with this answer so when I got back to her apartment I went to Google.com and got to the bottom of this mystery.

With bingo, players do not have the option of picking their numbers, while in Keno they do. Players receive cards with random numbers on them in Bingo, and in Keno you can pick anywhere from one to 20 numbers.

Betting in bingo is simple because it is all the same, while in Keno you place a different bet every time, and pick how much that bet will be.

Bingo numbers are randomly drawn, until the player fills up the design that is required, while Keno they only choose a set number of numbers, usually 20, and there can only be one winner, but there could potentially be more than one winner in bingo.

So what does all of this mean to you? Well when playing these games in online casinos it is helpful to know which one might give you the better odds. In my experience I have won more playing Keno, but that is just me, some people prefer Bingo because it is less intimidating and easier to understand. They are both fun though, t=so there is really no bad choice.

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